PlayStation's Holiday Sale Week 3 Has Sleeping Dogs and COD: Advanced Warfare on the Cheap

PlayStation enters its third week of holiday sales to bring holiday cheer for everybody from the indie enthusiast to the hardcore gamer.

As part of their ongoing weekly promotion leading into Christmas, Sony is offering games from Sleeping Dogs ($29.99 PS+) and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ($44.99 PS+) to Child of Light ($7.49 PS+) and Hotline Miami ($3.00 PS+) or more at heavily discounted prices. Here are just a few more that piqued our interest with PS+, standard, and non-discounted prices:

  • CounterSpy PS4/PS3/Vita - $7.49/$8.99/$14.99
  • DC Universe Online Ultimate Edition PS4 - $11.99/$17.99/$29.99

  • Metro 2033 Redux PS4 - $14.99/$17.49/$24.99

  • Metro: Last Light Redux PS4 - $14.99/$17.49/$24.99

  • Styx: Master of Shadows PS4 - $17.99/$20.99/$29.99

The full list can be found on the PlayStation Blog and includes a bunch of movies in case players need a movie to occupy their family's time.