Sony Is Teasing Something With 'Emagon' (Update)

Update 12/8/2014: 

Emagon was in fact, "no game" as Sony Spain announced over the weekend. 

During the PlayStation Experience, Sony Spain announced it would be auctioning off the limited PS4 20th Anniversary editions for charity. Only 350 are available in the region so it is expected that they will sell for a pretty penny. 

Original story 12/1/2014:

The PlayStation team in Spain has released an interesting teaser trailer for the PlayStation's 20 year anniversary with something called "Emagon" with more information following December 5th.

The trailer was translated by PlayStation Lifestyle which was completely in Spanish with the following:

20 years. It’s a lot of time. Look around you and see everything you've obtained. You've ruled in infinite places, you've conquered and freed. You've built and destroyed. You've been the light against the darkness. However, this time is different; this time, it’s real. For the first time, your actions have real consequences. They need your help. I know you can hear them. The power to change things is in your hands.

Not much is known about the trailer but flipping 'Emagon' around and it spells 'No Game' though the trailer has things resembling an in-game HUD. Could this be for the upcoming Project Morpheus? More information will be revealed on December 5th worldwide.