PlayStation Plus November Benefits Revealed

Every month, Sony puts tons of free content out for all three systems and November is no different as they have another assortment of freebies.

PS4 owners are being treated to hit PC indie game, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth as well as SteamWorld Dig. So members get to pick between the sick, twisted, and difficult or the odd and mechanical. 

For those still playing the PS3, the surprise hit Luftrausers will keep players and some friends busy for a few hours. If people would rather shoot things in the face, Frozen Synapse Prime lets those wanting plenty fulfilled.

Finally, Vita owners can get their hands on Hungry Horde and Escape Plan, which we liked a lot.

Don't forget that as of November 4th, October's lineup will be removed so go and at least add it to the download list to retrieve later.