Here Is How PlayStation 4's Share Play Works

Back in November, the PS4 launched without one of its touted features called Share Play much to many early adopters' surprise. Sony is rectifying their lapsed software and releasing it tomorrow along with tons of other features in Update 2.0.

Sharing a screen seems rather simple as players can just tap a couple buttons and virtually pass a controller back and forth for an hour at a time. Pressing the share button to open up all share options brings up a new section called "Start Share Play". In the video, Andrew Kelly from PlayStation describes it as, "Think of it like you're sitting next to your friend on the couch -- virtually -- no matter where they are."

Not only can you pass the controller, but you can also play the few couch co-op games available together like they were in the house with you. In this instance, both players will need a PlayStation Plus Membership.

Sony's new feature boasts that only the host machine needs to own the game and, in some cases, the guest playing for the host doesn't need a PlayStation Plus Membership. Again, a timer is placed at 1 hour from the start of the share beginning but can be started over infinite amounts of time. This is to insist the host user isn't just handing the game virtually and walking away.

Update 2.0 also comes with new YouTube support, themes for your backgrounds, USB music player support, and more starting tomorrow, October 28th. Make sure you set up your automatic downloads for updates now to avoid any game interruptions. 

Maybe this will help urge developers, especially Sony, to make more games for friends to play together in the same room either physically, or virtually.