Sony Has Sold Over 4 Million PlayStation 4's

 Photo: CNET

 Photo: CNET

During Sony's rather impressive CES 2014 keynote today, Group CEO Andrew House announced Sony has sold 4.2 million PS4 units since its launch on November 15th.

Microsoft recently announced its impressive number of 3 million which had many picking their jaws off of the floor. Today Sony revealed an even more impressive number topping Microsoft by over 1 million units. That equates to 7 million homes playing new next-gen consoles in the past 2 months. Although both consoles haven't launched in all markets -- neither have launched in Japan -- the thought of 7 million people playing new systems makes for an incredible showing for the home console market. 


Sony has carried a thunderous momentum since unveiling its new console in February which only continued through E3 2013 after announcing a ton of consumer friendly terminology and a $400 price tag. The domination seemed to have caused Microsoft to reverse many of their policies but their $500 entry fee may still be holding them back. 

Last month, many analysts foretold Sony reaching 5 million by March. This number seems more than reachable by the end of January if production can meet demand.