Left 4 Dead Creators' Evolve

Preview: Evolve

Last year, once-giant corporation THQ fell to bankruptcy and later folded under its own weight completely. The demise of the company lead to a fire sale on all intellectual properties that found one promising product in the hands of the very capable 2K Games for $10.8 million. That game is Evolve.

GameInformer revealed its cover story for its newest issue today unveiling Turtle Rock Studios' 3 year long endeavor. You most certainly read that correctly. Turtle Beach Studios, creators of Left 4 Dead fame, have been working on this game almost completely off the radar for 3 years and it seems to show as they are shooting for a release this fall.

Evolve is described as a multiplayer focused cooperative gameplay with a twist. Four players work together to fight off one other person who is controlling a monster named Goliath who grows larger and more powerful continuously over missions. In Hunt mode, the four players are tasked with a mission that sounds more simple on paper than it is: destroy Goliath, the 30 foot giant. Okay, so it doesn't sound simple even on paper. Goliath has its standard mission of kill every person on screen, but added objectives may present themselves to help evolve the creature. 

Left 4 Dead is more than just inspiration for Evolve and the company is quite cognizant of that fact. The four player cooperative gameplay is only the tip of the iceberg for ideas pulled from L4D. Revivals are available to teammates to help keep the momentum as much in their favor as possible and a variety of boosts will be available to players as they progress through the assortment of missions. 

If you are chomping at the bit for more information on this interesting co-op giant, check out the full story on GameInformer (subscription required). More information will be posted on BruisedThumbs as it is announced.