Alien: Isolation Strives to Bring Horror Back to Franchise

 The Alien franchise has been in a bit of a mess lately with the critical panning of Colonial Marines but Creative Assembly is looking to remedy that with the newly announced Alien: Isolation.

In late 2014, the people at Creative Assembly are attempting to do right by the franchise and bring the horror back. Isolation harks back to the terror of being alone and hunted as players take control of Amanda Ripley, Alien protagonist Ellen Ripley's daughter, as she attempts to make sense of the failed Nostromo. As one might expect, Amanda finds out what happened and has to survive a single massive Xenomorph attempting to do what they do best. 

Adding to the sense of helplessness is the limitation of weapons and the motion tracker we have all grown to love/hate over the years. Check out this 11 minute video about the game from PlayStation Access:

Based on these videos, it seems more akin to Outlast in space then James Cameron's Aliens. I'm okay with that.