More Depart EA Family


 EA has announced the departure of Chillingo founders Chris Byatte and Joe Wee making them the third set of studio heads to leave in the last week.

In a report by MCV, it was reported the two had left but as more word fluttered about the internet, EA released an official statement regarding Byatte and Wee's departure. "Joe Wee and Chris Byatte have left Chillingo and EA," they said in a statement to IGN, "We wish them well with their future endeavors." It doesn't say much for their reason for departure as this is a pretty stock answer for most employers.

Studio head from PopCap, Dave Roberts, started the Exodus last week with Criterion co-founders, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, following suit just a few days later. Although it is no indication of any financial trouble and should not be taken as such, EA has been having their fair share of issues with investors, consumers, and cracker group DERP as of late.

These departures of major studio heads and founders certainly don't look great on the outside so it will be interesting to see what effects this might have on EA going forward.