Here Are the Games With Gold For February

Every month, Microsoft gives two games away for free to all Xbox Gold Members. The tradition continues for February as the 360 is getting a couple of classics.

Click to play. Source: VISO Games

From February 1st through the 15th, members will get a free download for Dead Island. This first-person action open-world zombie thriller lets users build weapons of minor destruction to fight their way off of an island resort while it's taken over by vicious zombies.

Click to play. Source: SignalStudiosGames

On the 16th, Dead Island is removed and the path is clear for Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Players take control of toy soldiers (duh) as they fight to repel a soviet invasion.

All downloaded games are available for Gold Members only and you can download them and delete them as many times as you want for as long as you want.