DDoS Attacks Continue Against EA; Steam Also Under Attack

Multiple cracker groups are running a muck on the internet causing sites to crash left and right since last week including League of Legends, Battle.net, DOTA, and EA servers.

Cracker group under the name DERP has taken credit for forcing EA's Origin service offline; continuing their attacks on EA that have gone on for a week now.

DERP took to Twitter last night with this message for their followers:

Shortly after the tweet, EA's login servers were taken offline making signing in to EA's Origin servers impossible. This caused EA Support to respond to the attack via a public relations spin.

DERP was also responsible for last week's attack on Battle.net servers as well as the League of Legends server disruption during a stream of popular streamer Phantoml0rd. DERP told Phantoml0rd that if he lost, they would take down the DOTA 2 servers. Needless to say, he lost and DERP launched a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) which flooded websites and servers causing them to crash.

In addition to DERP, two Twitter users by the names of "chFtheCat" and "LARCENY_" have been taking credit for temporarily bringing down Steam's login network using DDoS tool, Low Orbit Ion Cannon. Steam, although not impervious to attacks, are not often targeted.

Attacks on networks are rather prevalent and have been for quite some time. Here's hoping it leads to stronger networks and security. EA is definitely not in the best position to have any more problems knocking on their front door