Warframe Updates PS4 Version for Trophy Support

The free-to-play PS4/PC game, Warframe has been updated over the weekend to include a new Warframe, new weapons, skins, and (finally) trophy support. 

Developer Digital Extremes has released the update 11.5 to include the beforementioned items as many players have been rather vocal in asking for trophy support. The trophy update includes 20 earnable trophies ranging from rank up trophies to rewards for reviving allies. 

In addition, a new Warframe has been added for players to level up called Oberon; a Paladin with a balanced skillset for users looking to get into the fight.

If you haven't had the opportunity to look into Warframe, it is a free cooperative game that looks rather stunning on the PS4 platform. It is rather confusing right from the start but taking the time to learn it can yield hours of enjoyment.