Nintendo Wii U Projections Dropped From 9 Million to 2.8 Million


Today during Nintendo's press release, president Satoru Iwata explained that Wii U projections have been drastically reduced from 9 million expected units sold by March from 9 million to 2.8 million.

This announcement was coupled with the realization that the operating loss for Nintendo has been raised to a staggering 35 billion yen (about 335 million USD). The net loss for Nintendo comes out to about 25 billion yen (240 million USD); this even after a price drop for the Wii U not that long ago.

Iwata also revealed that the 3DS is also performing under expectations as sales goals were set at 5 million units just falling short at 4.9 million.

Nintendo's stocks since the announcement

Nintendo's stocks since the announcement

So what is the fate of Nintendo and the Wii U with Sony's PS4 selling over 4 million in less than 2 months and Microsoft right behind them with 3 million since launch? Full financials will be revealed later this month and we will have more details right here.