Outlast Free on PS4 for PlayStation Plus Members in February


Last year, Red Barrel Games brought horror to a whole new level with its surprise hit, Outlast, on PC. It seems that its transition to PS4 is just about complete and coming for free next month to PlayStation Plus members.

The news was released via Outlast's official Facebook page saying, "Outlast will be free in February for all PlayStation Plus users (PS4 only)." Exciting news for PS4 owners who are chomping at the bit for more games.

For those who have yet to play this jumpy trip into pure horror, Outlast puts players in control of a reporter looking into strange events at a mental institution. As you may assume, things aren't all roses and candy corn.

I've made it about 2 hours and have been too freaked out to go back so that's my story. Expect a review upon the game's release provided I don't end up in an institution myself.