Sony Reveals Playstation Vita Redesign

Sony announced at the Tokyo Game Show a new casual PlayStation Vita. 

The redesigned Vita features most of the same functionality as the current line sans a few things. Replacing the OLED screen is a standard LCD. Whether or not this is easily noticeable has yet to be seen but if you read our review of the Vita, the OLED screen is one of the highlights of the device. 

Sony has managed to make the new model 15% thinner and 20% lighter to an already relatively small device as well as remove the 3G function.  In addition the size and online adjustments, the new model also comes with 1 hour of extra battery life, and 1 GB of internal storage. This small amount of storage is presumably to keep the price down and more tantalizing for the casual gamer. 

The new model is set to release in Japan in six different colors on October 10th for 18,980 Yen ($190). No information yet as to whether or not it will become available in the States or other regions.