Hardware Alert! New Sony Vita TV

In a slice of news that was completely unexpected, Sony announced at the Tokyo Game Show the new PlayStation Vita TV.  

Vita TV allows the user to do quite a few interesting things but the most tantalizing of them all is the ability to play the Vita's games on your big screen with a DualSHock 3 controller. Equipped with the hardware to play games including a memory card slot and the game slot, Vita TV connects directly to an HDTV using an HDMI cable. 

In addition, Sony promises the PS4 will be accessible through remote play onto another television in the same house. This feature will be made available later via system update. Functionality like this is important when living with roommates and/or a significant other and watching you play video games isn't nearly as fun as Duck Dynasty. Another easy fix: get another roommate.

PS Vita TV will be available on November 14th in Japan for 9,480 Yen ($95). No release date has been confirmed for other regions yet. Japan will also be receiving an incredible package deal for 14,980 Yen ($150) that comes stacked with a DualShock 3 and an 8 GB memory card.