Xbox One Allows Recording Video Commentary (Update)


So, about that whole "as much or as little as they want" thing. Microsoft has released a little clarification letter to GameInformer in regards to Phil Harrison's original statement. GI reports that a Microsoft representative stated the following:

 "We are committed to giving gamers the ability to produce high quality videos easily and quickly. We can confirm the recording buffer in Game DVR is 5 minutes, which we feel is optimized to take advantage of high-quality production features and advanced social mechanics in Xbox One."

Microsoft has been doing a bit better as of late with their communication with gamers. Unfortunately, it appears Mr. Harrison missed the meeting that told management to present factual information. Luckily, Microsoft has cleared the air by letting consumers know that the system has a 5 minute total record time.

Pondering Phil Harrison

I'm almost feeling like Microsoft may, at some point, come out and say the Xbox One isn't real and all of the higher-ups "misunderstood" again. More on this story as it develops.

Original News:

Concerned about the length of recording the Xbox One's recording feature? VG24/7 reported that Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison decided to address the concerns at Eurogamer Expo letting players know they can “as much or as little as they want.” 

In addition to length of recording, Harrison also showed that using the Xbox One's Upload Studio allows for video commentary. By using the new Kinect, players are able to record themselves, put it into picture-in-picture, and upload it to unspecified services. According to VG24/7, sharing options will include private, friends, and public giving players the ability to share with whomever they'd like. The studio was shown using the Xbox One exclusive, Project Spark, in a 45 second demo. 

The possibilities of having this function built in are certainly a great feature, in theory. The public is still anxious to see what either of these consoles have in terms of social connectivity, but thus far, we've mostly just heard of what these systems will do. Will Upload Studio allow for logo insertion? Will a similar "studio" be available for PS4? Guess we'll just have to wait and see come November.