Infinity Blade III is Coming

If you've played the first two Infinity Blade games, you know that there are very few games that match the graphical fidelity and great gameplay that Chair's mobile series has been able to provide. 

At Apple's event held today, Donald Mustard from Epic took the stage to unveil the third and final part in their epic trilogy of games featuring Siris (pronounced Si-res not multiple Siri's), the game's protagonist. It will feature all of the mechanics that the series is known for including upgrades to weapons. Chair has now adding Isa, the woman from from Infinity Blade II, as a playable character. To add some acting pedigree to the series, Chair has obtained John Noble (Fringe, Lord of the Rings) to voice the game's antagonist, Worker of Secrets. 

The third and final part in their epic trilogy of games featuring Siris.

Infinity Blade III is also loaded up with the previous entry's popular social network ClashMobs for those who enjoyed it on top of all the carnage the series is known to offer. 

Infinity Blade III is coming to a mobile iOS device near you alongside the release of the new iPhone 5S & 5c next week. It will also be available on most current models including iPhone's (5, 4s, 4), iPad's (4, 3, 2, Mini), and the iPod Touch (5, 4).