Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 2 Release Date Revealed

Hey there Omar

A few weeks ago, Telltale Games teased its new Walking Dead content and if Steam is to be believed -- which it is -- The Walking Dead: Season 2 launches on December 17th.

The sequel to the much loved Season 1 has been confirmed on Steam thus far but expect the console versions around the same time. Fans of Clementine will be able to step into her shoes for the discounted price of $22.49 for the season pass as confirmed by Steam. Console prices will be revealed at a later date.

Season 2 takes place a few months after the events of Season 1 and around the time of the 400 Days short putting players in control of Clementine. Choices from both Season 1 and 400 Days will affect how the story starts and continues forward and, like the first game, morality and survival instinct play a big part of how the story evolves.