EA Being Investigated for Battlefield 4


The law firm of Holzer Holzer & Fistel, responsible for investigating uDraw's massive failure, has now aimed its sights on EA over Battlefield 4.

The firm is looking into statements issued between July 24th and December 4th regarding the sales and development of Battlefield 4 according to BusinessWire. On December 5th, it was reported on the 5% loss EA suffered related to the onslaught of issues that have consistently plagued their new shooter across all platforms. Stock holders feel like information was not reported properly and, in turn, led to the law firm looking into a class action lawsuit in the matter.

Keep in mind that this class action lawsuit will most likely not affect gamers in terms of compensation. It should, however, lead to better quality control of their products considering Battlefield 4 looks more and more like a disaster everyday.