Diablo 3 Sells 14 Million Copies

Blizzard held their earnings call and revealed that Diablo 3 has sold 14 million copies total on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3.

When Diablo 3 launched last year to PC and Mac, it sold millions of copies although many users had issues with its end-game. Diablo 2 was able to be played for years upon years whereas the third installment could be finished without the inclination of logging back on. Blizzard hopes to rectify this itch by adding its new DLC, Reaper of Souls. 

Blizzard also recently announced it is completely eliminating the Auction House; a rather troublesome monetary-driven economy where players could auction of their Legendary items for money from other players. 

With the PlayStation 4 iteration of the gaming set to release sometime in 2014, 14 million units is bound to grow as next-gen users will be looking for something to play in between dry spells of game releases.