PS Vita Software Update Out Now

The new software update version 3.0 gets your Vita ready for a little PS4 to Vita connectivity and it's available right now. 

The PlayStation Blog posted the video above that provides a quick overview to the new features for the Vita and how to access them. In addition to the PS4 Link application, 3.0 also adds multiple other useful functions.

  • Parental Controls allows parents to set game duration allowed as well as video and internet access.
  •  A panoramic camera option was added. I thought the camera was pretty terrible but here you go.
  • The friend app added 4 tabs for quick access to Friends, Friend Requests, Blocked Users, and Find a Friend.
  • Group Messaging has been changed to just Messages with an improved layout allowing users to message others on PS4 or the PlayStation iOS/Android app. 
  • The Party app now allows users to converse with PS4 users as well as other Vita users. 
  • You can now sync your contacts from Gmail and Yahoo using the Email app. Does anybody actually use that? Well if you do, Contact List > Options > CardDAV Settings > Add CardDAV Account
  • You can (finally) sync content from the PS3 to the Vita using a wifi connection.  
  • The Remote Play app has been changed to PS3 Remote Play. 
  • Automatically download future software updates and look at PS4 trophies

All-in-all, this sounds like a great update and should get you even more excited for the PS4's launch on November 15th.