New Killzone: Shadow Fall Video

Dat foliage  

Guerilla Games' Technical Director, Michiel van der Leeuw, took to Killzone's Blog today to release a lightly compressed video showing the beauty of their next game in the franchise, Shadow Fall. 

Sitting at 567 MB's for just barely over a minute of gameplay,  this large download also requires you to have Windows Media Player for Windows or Quicktime for Mac as other non-accelerated players will be too choppy. "In order to properly demonstrate the framerate and resolution we achieve in Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, we’ve captured and lightly compressed new footage that we’re not offering through a video sharing service."
So once you've checked off the requirements to watch the video, download it here

What does seem worrisome, however, is if a crisply captured video is 550 MB per minute, then the PS4's 15 minutes of constant recording equals out to 8 GB of constantly reserved space on the hard drive if it's as lightly compressed as this video. With Killzone's install size of almost 40 GB's and other games following suit, it seems this next generation is bound to fill your hard drive quicker than you can delete data.