Xbox One Costs $90 More Than PS4 to Build

Last week, IHS reported that the PS4 costs approximately $381 to build showing that the Sony is barely passing the break even point with their new console. Today, AllThingsD revealed IHS' Xbox One costs to be around $471 which is just barely under the sales price.

(Photo: IHS)

(Photo: IHS)

Even though Microsoft's newest console has a cheaper DDR3 memory at around $60, The real bump in price comes from a culmination of the Kinect ($75) and the power brick ($25) which are both items not found on the PS4. The two items combined costs an extra $100 in development costs which happens to be the amount that the PS4 is cheaper by.

It's interesting to see both of the companies taking a bit of a hit as opposed to a company like Apple charges $500 for a product that costs roughly $274 to build.

(Source: IHS and AllThingsD)