PS4 Costs Approximately $381 To Build


In a report by IHS, Sony's newly launched (US) PlayStation 4 sold over 1 million units in 24 hours selling at just $399; apparently just $18 under what it cost to make. 

Research firm IHS (iSuppli) does a full teardown of new technology on their site and after taking the PS4 apart, they have appraised the console at $381, including assembly. According to IHS, the PS4's core processor and graphic dynamic random access memory (DRAM) combine for a hefty $188 where almost half the cost is just in the DRAM. PS4 uses a GDDR5 memory for higher bandwidth and is still rather costly even at cost. 

With all build costs, Sony is just barely surpassing the break-even point. After incorporating Research & Development, the PS4 is costing them a pretty penny.

IHS is planning on a teardown of the Xbox One so stay tuned for that right here.