EA and DICE Working to Fix Battlefield 4 on PS4 Issues


Have you had as many problems as I have attempting to play Battlefield 4? You are not alone and DICE is aiming to address the issue as late as next week.

Personally, I have not been able to connect to Conquest -- the most popular mode -- and staying in game without it crashing back to the PS4 home screen seems to be a pipe dream. Dice released a statement on their Battlelog Blog expressing that they are "Aware of the frequent crashes in Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4. We are hard at work identifying these issues and are hoping to get a game update out early next week." That is what we are left with at this time as there is no further information.

Note from the Editor: After playing 3 hours of the game's (sub-par) campaign, I took a break to play Resogun and when I came back to play Battlefield 4, my campaign save file was corrupted. This has led to a delay in my review.