The New PlayStation App Is Out Now For iOS and Android

Sony has released its new companion app on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store and, as I reported a few weeks ago, it has a ton of neat features.

App home page (click to enlarge)

Upon logging in the app, you will be brought to a very simple user interface in which you can see your profile, friends list, the PlayStation Store, and Trophies. At the bottom is a link to Connect to PS4 that with a touch, connects you to your shiney new PS4 giving you a second screen experience for some games and apps.

Two other features that I found helpful were the Trophies and Messages menus. With Trophies, I'm able to see all of my trophies for all three of my PlayStation systems and much like the different consoles, I'm able to compare trophies with friends. With the PS4's new dynamic rarity rating of trophies, I'm able to compete with the world for the most elusive trophies out there.

Trophy time (click to enlarge)

The PlayStation 4 comes out November 15th in the US and the 29th in the UK. Stay tuned here for our full console review and game reviews in the next couple of days.