PS4 Has Limited Voice Commands At Launch

Friday is the start of the next generation of consoles and the future is ripe with social networking, facial recognition, and voice commands. The latter, it seems, will be rather limited on the PS4 at launch.

Sony's PlayStation Camera

While at the PlayStation 4 Review event in New York City, Engadget was demoed a handful of features concerning the PS Camera and it seems some features have been dialed back for launch with hopes of additional functionality in the near future. The PS4 cannot be started using voice yet but you can put it to sleep. Also, at this time there are zero third-party apps using voice commands to navigate or access features. This means that if you want to stop a Netflix movie, expect to use your controller.

What is this world coming to? I have to use a controller?!
— Internet Guy/Gal

Another feature of the camera has been dialed back as facial recognition can log players in but not much more than that at this time.

I will be doing a full hardware review for the PlayStation Camera, DualShock 4, PS4, and games starting on November 15th through the 16th during my live Twitch feed as I participate in Extra Life.