Ryse: Son of Rome Details Season Pass


Developer Crytek (Crysis) and Microsoft have released information regarding a season pass for their upcoming game, Ryse: Son of Rome, and its multiplayer DLC. 

In Ryse, players control a general of the Roman army in its single player campaign, but that is only part of what is available on disc. Crytek has also included a Gladiator-esque multiplayer in which players team up to fight for their lives in the Colosseum against NPC's. The multiplayer showing at the Tokyo Game Show "could have been more done," and "wasn't the best show" according to Phil Spencer in an interview with IGN, but they seem intent on making Ryse's multiplayer something different and special. According to GameInformer, the $19.99 season pass will include 14 maps, six player skins, a new mode, new level events, and additional weapons and armor.

Go Team Murder! Video Credit: IGN

Ryse: Son of Rome is set for release on November 22nd alongside the Xbox One. Are you not impressed?