Xbox One Records Achievements Automatically (Update)


We reported recently (see below) how Xbox One will automatically record when players get an achievement. Turns out that Pollington was almost correct. In a clarification on NeoGaf by Microsoft's Director of Product Planning, Albert Penello, informs readers of the actual, and more tantalizing, uses for this feature: 

It won't be automatic for every Achievement. It's a feature that Developers can unlock for achievements, OR, for instance, have hidden in the game for doing something cool or discovering something hidden. Basically we allow developers access to GameDVR and they can put conditions on an automatic recording. But not every Achievement will automatically be recorded.

So, unfortunately it won't be automatically programmed into every single game but the door is open to developers to create some interesting videos for you. Whether or not it's utilized for more than achievements will rest on the developer so here's hoping Respawn is programming Titanfall to make highlight videos for players.


Original story (10/07/13 4:45 PM):

Gamers like to show their prowess to their friends and stick their chest out when they get an extremely difficult achievement. Microsoft has a great way to share those hard to get and awesome achievement moments with friends by using the in-console DVR functionality. 

In a video interview by ChampChong, Xbox Australia Executive Adam Pollington says the Xbox One takes advantage of the DVR ability by automatically recording and saving all achievements on the console thereby creating how-to guide for friends and followers. This quickly puts an end to the "if there isn't proof, it didn't happen" argument.


Skip to 0:55 for the details

Good work Microsoft.