November PlayStation Plus Freebies!


With PS4 creeping around the corner, don't think Sony's forgetting about the younger sister console. This month we will see a tri-fecta of free games coming to PS3, PS Vita, and PS4.

It's our first taste of free PS+ content flowing in starting on November 15th. A personal favorite, Resogun, is Super Stardust developer Housemarque's venture into the world of beautiful voxels. It's pretty. Also on the list is Contrast which, is much harder to describe in words but can be best described as "platformer".

The hits keep coming as the PS3 gets Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, Ibb & Obb, and Binary Domain. The PS Vita is getting two free games as well as Oddworld: Stanger's Wrath and the insane RPG, Soul Sacrifice, will occupy your time on your way home to your shiney new PS4.

Check out the games coming to you, gratis, straight from the PlayStation Blog