PS4 Group Chat, Real Names, and More Games In Development

Sony announced today that its Group Chat feature will allow for up to 8 people to chat together while playing different games; exactly like what the Vita currently allows.

In a Q&A about Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sid Shuman, Social Media Manager and host of The Official PlayStation Blogcast, stated that, "Party Voice Chat will support up to 8 players on PS4, like the PS Vita." This is a feature long asked for by the PlayStation gaming community so it's nice to see it coming to the new console.

In addition to party chat, Sony also states that at launch, users have the option to use their real names according to Kotaku. Although some users probably won't even use said feature, Mark Cerny sees that practicality in using real names with real friends to build a stronger social network. Anonymity is still an option for those looking to stay masked behind a username. "We'll keep around the alias and icon used in today's multiplayer matches," he stated, "These are great to have when anonymity is important."

Seriously...who is this guy?

Seriously...who is this guy?

Finally, Sony released a new commercial/pat-on-the-back advertisement stating that 24 PlayStation 4 exclusives have been announced and they have 14 award winning studios working hard on new PS4 games. In the commercial they also tout that a total of 180 games are in development. 180. One Hundred and Eighty. That's a lot. Check out the commercial.