Microsoft Reportedly Asking Bill Gates to Step Down

In a report by the Reuters, 3 of Microsoft's top 20 investors are asking Bill Gates to step down as Chairman of the company. 

According to the report, the investors are concerned that Gates prohibits "adoption of new strategies" and would prevent current Chief Executive Steve Ballmer or especially his successor from making "substantial changes." With Ballmer in the hot seat due to low share increase, the 3 investors, who currently own 5% collectively, look to replace Ballmer in the coming months. Ballmer is one of the top personnel responsible for bringing the public the Xbox as well as the Surface tablet. According to Reuters, the new CEO hired "should not be bound by that strategy" as the investors are looking to change some of the ways Microsoft conducts business.

"But I'm comfortable!"

Bill Gates currently has a contract with the company where he is required to sell 80 million Microsoft shares per year. He currently holds 4.5% stake in the company; down 44.5% since 1986. By 2018 he will be completely void of shares but still very rich.

What will this shift mean for Microsoft in the next year?  What about the Xbox gaming platform? Sound off below.