Xbox One's Friends App in Action

Major Nelson took to YouTube to demonstrate the new Friends App. Check it out:

The new app has a "feed" updated in real time in which you can see what all of your friends are doing as they do it like starting new games or applications. Using the app, you can look at all of your friends, people you follow, or just your favorites. To add a friend, simply locate them on Xbox LIVE and select follow. This adds them to a your feed. The other player sees they are being followed and they can follow back. This adds them to both players' friends list. This function is very much derived from Twitter and is an awesome way to follow celebrities both internet famous and pop-culture famous alike. 

Favorite friends allow users to have quick access to the friends they game with the most. This really comes in handy when setting up lobbies for multiplayer games as it makes sorting through the Xbox One's 1,000 person friend list a breeze. 

The final function Nelson shows is the feed working with the snap functionality. By saying "Xbox, snap activity," the feed is snapped to the right side of the screen so you can see live updates of your feed while you play games, watch Netflix, or TV. 

Xbox seems to be on track with what is trending in terms of social media by taking ideas Twitter started and building upon them. Just a few more weeks!