Gravity Rush Vita Review: Using Every Axis the Vita has to Offer


The Vita was released with just a few games available close to launch. Gravity Rush was one of those and it was an incredible amount of fun. Players take control of Kat, a girl who, with the help of her cat, has the ability to defy gravity. Kat is attempting to discover who she is and why she is in the strange place she’s landed, all the while helping the city from a bombardment of evil little creatures. I wouldn’t necessarily consider the storyline a triumph in story telling but I was kept interested by Kat and the friends she came across throughout her adventure. There were a few instances where I found myself smiling from some of the quirkiness of the writing.

It is very easy to get turned around.

You have to be a little forgiving at times when you can’t get your bearings straight.

The presentation from the menus to the overall aesthetic of the world was another favorite of mine. Navigation through the menus was dominated by touch screen controls which worked seamlessly, although the load times were often terribly long. The main menu looks like a graphic novel which at first was confusing until I saw the cut scenes; each created in a beautiful Anime interactive comic which really caught me by surprise.

Giving the player access to changing gravity was a feature that may worried me going in and for the most part it delivers, although you have to be a little forgiving at times when you can’t get your bearings straight. The sense of vertigo aside, Gravity Rush delivers a lengthy adventure that shows the ability of the Vita and rarely disappoints. As a PlayStation Plus member, this game is free so there is no reason to pass this up especially because it is very good. 



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