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BruisedThumbs Plays Games for the Kids!

Click to Donate! 

Click to Donate! 

Bruise will be participating in Extra Life this year. For those who are unaware of what Extra Life is, it's a fundraising initiative to help donate money to children's hospitals around the country.  

On November 15th at 8am, Bruise will be streaming games live on the BruisedThumbs Twitch page. I'm sure your astute mind is wondering, "Extra Life says November 2nd. Why is BruisedThumbs doing it on November 15th???" You're so smart. Virtual cookie for you. Providing there are no technical setbacks on Sony's servers, you can get your glimpse at the PS4 live and in action as he plays just about every launch game he has his hands on (game schedule to follow)! If, for whatever reason, there are setbacks, we will be playing PS3/Xbox 360 new releases.

Come join him stay awake for 25 hours and play the hottest new games!

Thanks in advance!