Escape Plan Vita Review: No Need to Escape


Upon seeing videos of gameplay for PlayStation Vita’s Escape Plan, this adorable puzzler stood out to me. Players take control of Lil and Laarg, who, by their own naming conventions, are little and large characters attempting to escape captivity. The visuals are immediately noticeable like something out of Tim Burton’s mind but without Johnny Depp in a leading role. The OLED screen of the Vita really gives Escape Plan the visual fidelity that Sony promised with the powerful handheld even if it is all entirely in black and white. Having a game that looks great and one that plays great are, in fact, two different things. On my first initial play through, I had a terrible time getting the two characters to stop when needed causing them to erupt in an explosion of black goo. It’s cute the first time but quite infuriating after fifty times. 

One of the many times they didn't stop when tapped

Editor note: a patch was released fixing quite a few of the glaring issues we had with the game awarding this a “Buy It” rank.




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