You like to comment. We like to read them. Unfortunately, some people are just plain rude. So to keep things on the up-and-up as well as productive, here are our community guidelines.

Plain and simple: don't be a jerk.

Respect the site, others that read it, and yourself. The rule of thumb is simple: if you won't say it in front of your mom, dad, grandparent, or anybody that you respect, don't post it here. If it's considered offensive or dick-ish, it will be removed.

NO SPAM. Seriously guy/gal. It's super annoying.

NOTHING PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL. This is the internet. You can literally go anywhere else for that where whole communities will welcome you with open arms.

ANY FORM OF DISCRIMINATION IS NOT PERMITTED. We love all people. You should too but if you don't, kick rocks. We do not tolerate it. That goes for, but is not limited to: sexism, racism, sexual orientation, or species.

NO TROLLING. We encourage thoughtful debates on gaming but once it gets into the realm of "U mad bro cuz PS4 sux mad bags of d***s", that's a wrap. Mostly because it's dumb when people type like that.

BASHING OUR SITE OR OTHER SITES IS NOT COOL. Like, really. All companies that provide gaming news and content work very hard to do it so cut us some slack. We're all trying hard over here.

NO BASHING OUR MODERATORS. Stay relevant in the conversation while following the rules and you won't have to bash moderation. See? Pretty basic stuff.

NO SPOILERS! We can't even tell you how much this one is annoying. If you really feel the need to spoil anything, please begin the comment with *SPOILERS* so we all know not to read your post.

PLEASE DON'T FLAG SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T NEED IT. It's a huge waste of our time to moderate a cat saying "Iz itz Gerz uv Wurz?" Cats are adorable but will only stay in the thread IF they are relevant to the conversation. Otherwise, meow.

DON'T SAY "FIRST!" It's dumb and I think we're all past that.