Bioshock Infinite Review: In the Clouds Yet Grounded

There’s not much to say about director Ken Levine’s latest masterpiece that hasn't already been said. Bioshock Infinite is a brilliantly arranged story of Booker and his mission to bring Elizabeth back from the city of Columbus. Infinite isn't just a story about people. Columbus is a character on its own as a city in the clouds with an equally interesting story to tell.

Bioshock Infinite is a triumph in storytelling

Although we did find the game absolutely stunning in aesthetic and story content, the gameplay was little more than another shooter with Vigors. Vigors are Infinite’s abilities ranging from releasing a murder of crows to setting enemies ablaze; many of which can be combined to create more devastating attacks. The mechanic does work very well, but we found ourselves bored and just anxiously awaiting more from Booker and Elizabeth.

We missed the certain level of scare that the original brought us. There was a tension that was lacking in Infinite’s approach compared to the original which was quite disappointing. There’s not much that can be considered tense during the daytime setting of Columbus but regardless, Bioshock Infinite is a triumph in storytelling that should not be passed up.


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